Founder's Message

Prof. A.D. Joshi

Education is the foundation of human progress but unfortunately, it has not been given its due importance. It is a very common sight to see small children going to school with heavy school bags and tiffin. As soon as school is over, we find children running for tuitions or going to different sports clubs, hobby classes, etc. At home we again find them reading guides or completing the heavy homework given to them. Thus we have transformed our children into robots who have lost their creativity and curiosity, desperately trying to get more and more numbers on their report cards.

We started Indian Model School in June 2002, with the sole aim to satisfy each and every need of the student in the school itself. The motto of the school is to bring out the best in the students in all aspects – academic, intellectual, sports, cultural, social, and leadership. We have introduced an array of new concepts and are proud to state that all of them have shown good results.

Prof. A. D. Joshi

Mr. Amol Joshi

Mrs. Sayali Joshi

Management of Covid-19 in Children
by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare