Infrastructure & Facilities

----The area of the school campus is 3 acres. The built-up area is 36585 sq.ft. The area of the playground is 3932.00.
The school takes adequate precautions to ensure the hygiene and safety of the students. The school building ramp at the entrance facilitates the CWSN students.


E-library is provided to students which have e-books, encyclopedias, e-newspapers,
e-magazines, and audio-visual books. The students can also access these from the website.

E-learning Classroom

It has been at up to add a new dimension to conventional pedagogy through a 3-D ambiance. It helps students to visualize complex concepts.

Sports Room:

The school also has a well-equipped room with all the sports equipment and games to inculcate the spirit of sports in the children.

Activity Room:

The school has an activity room to promote arts such as drawing, craft, dance, etc.

Special Educator, Counselor, and Wellness Room:

The wellness room has all the facilities prescribed by the board. A counselor and special educator are available for the students.

Life at IMIS Solapur

CCTV Coverage

All our classrooms, labs, corridors and grounds are under CCTV surveillance for safety and precaution of the students.


Outdoor Sports

The school provides facility for Cricket, Football, Fencing, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, etc. We have trained professionals for coaching in respective sports, apart from regular sports teachers.

Indoor Sports

The school has facility for Karate, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Sikai Marshal Art, Kick boxing.




Students will be taught meditation & yoga in order to improve their level of concentration. This helps in improving the academic performance

Computer Lab and Webserver


The school has computer labs equipped with maximum number of computers. Students will be trained in basic courses like MS-Office, Word, Excel, Power point, HTML, Adobe PhotoShop, etc. as well as advanced courses.


Robotics Lab


Robotics helps to enhance analytical programming, collaborative and critical-thinking skills and promotes teamwork. Realising the need to keep up with the demands of the tech world we make students ready to take on the future.


Maths Lab


Maths lab helps develop meta-cognitive abilities. As the student can rethink and rework the problem and solution several times without any interference from time constraints. It builds up inherent interest and confidence in the student towards learning and doing mathematics.


Composite Science Lab


There is a well equipped composite science lab for practical & experiential learning




E-learning classrooms are provided for students for audio-visual study that creates additional interest.



The school has set up a library which contains a wide range of books (about 800+ books) on a large variety of topics. Newspapers and magazines on current issues are used to supplement the regular books. Students are required to read the news items, articles etc. and analyze them for vocabulary building, note-making etc.

Management of Covid-19 in Children
by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare